EGControlLibrary Namespace
Classes, etc. to be employed in Applications using the logic supplied by Existential Graphs; this follows the work of C. S. Peirce
This version is complete for Peirce's Beta EG, which enables full quantification theory; it begins to enter into the extremely broad area of Peirce's Gamma Graphs; we work especially with Modal and similar systems

Namespace Description

Utility Provides Classes to enable a variety of ancillary operations on the Logical Objects of Existential Graphs

GammaObjects Classes enabling extension of EGControlLibrary to Gamma, especially involving Possible Worlds operations

Collections Classes for Strongly-typed Collections of Existential Graphs

BetaRules Classes for operations reflecting the rules for Beta transformations of Existential Graphs


Interface Description


Class Description

AtomicGraph Abstract Class whose descendents are Dots (Lines of Identity) and Spots.

ColorQueue Orders, provides, and recycles the Colors for Lines of Identity and Ligatures in these Graphs

ConjunctiveEG Inherits ContainerGraph; corresponds to the logical And of its immediate subgraphs. Since logical Conjunction is implicit in groupings of EG in an area, this Graph can ordinarily be made or deleted as required.

ConjunctiveGraphSet Permits a persistent grouping of EG on their Container without employing a ConjunctiveEG

ConnectionToSpot This Class is intended to summarize the connection of a Dot to a Spot

ContainerGraph Defines the base class for Existential Graph controls which represent compound propositions in Logic; this includes the Cut, ConjunctiveEG, and the SheetOfAssertion.

Cut The EG embodying Logical Negation; Inherits ContainerGraph

Dot Peirce's Line of Identity; this is an implicitly quantified variable.

DotColor Holds and manipulates details of Dot/Ligature Color

frmGraphOptions Permits the input of a variety of graphical features of the EG Construction

frmInventory Presents Tree and List Views of a variety of aspects of the EG Construction

frmLIDesignDialog Allows the specification of a variety of details of the appearance, including the geometry, of Dots (Lines of Identity)

frmSpotComposer Lets User specify the VariableName (usually a letter) of a new Spot, as well as the number of Hooks it has

Hook Represents a blank in a predicate (Spot) or Dot to be connected to another Hook

Identities Code for checking identities of objects, especially during Deiterations

Inventory Maintains Collections of Objects in the EG Construction, as well as Code for the manipulation of Objects

Ligature The representation of a quantificational variable across the EG Construction, including any number of Dots and Hooks.

LIGeometry Methods to deal with the geometry of Lines of Identity (Dots)

Marquee A Marquee is a user-input closed area used to select an area of a ContainerGraph for some purpose; this Absract Class is the Base for MarqueRectangulare and MarqueeFreeForm

MarqueeFreeForm A Marquee whose perimeter is a GraphicsPath defined by User-input Points

MarqueeRectangular A Marquee whose rectangular perimeter is Dragged

PointMap Provides mappings of Points across an EG Construction

ProtoGraph Defines the base class for Existential Graph controls, which are visual representations of propositional elements in Logic.

SheetOfAssertion A ContainerGraph; the Graph upon which all other Graphs are scribed

Spot The Predicate Variable, associated with a certain number of Hooks or blanks for predicated variables

Van An EG, based directly on ProtoGraph, which has its sole use in aiding the moving and sizing of other Existential Graphs.


Structure Description

LigConnection Defines a connection between Hooks of the same Ligature; used in drawing intra-Ligature Connections


Module Description